INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Applied Physical Chemistry & Molecular Nanotechnology

Applied Physical Chemistry & Molecular Nanotechnology

Research areas

The research interests of the group are focused on two-dimensional (2D) materials (graphene, carbon nanomembranes, organic monolayers, MoS2, etc.) and their hybrids for novel applications in nanoelectronics, photonics, nanosensors, energy storage and nanobiotechnology. These interdisciplinary orientation embraces (i) growth of these materials with tailored physical and chemical properties, (ii) their nanolithography, (iii) microfabrication and implementation in devices. To this end, a complementary research effort is undertaken including both fundamental and applied studies in the field of materials science, experimental physics and physical chemistry. Topics include:

Teaching fields

Prof. Turchanin gives courses in:

Reserch Methods

Based on equipment available in the Turchanin laboratories, and in collaboration with other research groups, the Turchanin group employs the following techniques and methods:

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