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Ultra Optics constitutes a synergistic combination of nanooptics, laser physics, photonic materials, optical systems and quantum technologies (e.g. via the Thuringian Innovation Center for Quantum Optics and Sensing - InQuoSens). The combination of these fields into one common key research area fundamentally opens new possibilities for generating and controlling light in a spatio-temporal way using virtually arbitrary properties. In this way, a bridge is built between fundamental research and industrial applications.

ACP's key research area Ultra Optics is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) as a "Center for Innovation Competence" (ZIK) since 2005. >> more information

Research groups in Ultra Optics

Research_Icon_Zeitner_web80x60 Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro- and Nanooptics                  
Dr. habil. Uwe ZEITNER
Research_Icon_Tünnermann_web80x60 Applied Optics                                 
Prof. Dr. Andreas TÜNNERMANN
Research_Icon_Szeghalmi_web80x60 Atomic Layer Deposition
Research_Icon_Botti_web80x60 Condensed Matter Theory
Prof. Dr. Silvana BOTTI
Research_Icon_Schmidt_web80x60 Fiber Sensors
Prof. Dr. Markus A. SCHMIDT
Research_Icon_Limpert_web80x60 Fiber & Waveguide Lasers
Prof. Dr. Jens LIMPERT
Research_Icon_Staude_web80x60 Functional Photonic Nanostructures
Jun. Prof. Dr. Isabelle STAUDE
Research_Icon_Rüssel_web80x60 Materials Science
Prof. Dr. Christian RÜSSEL
Research_Icon_Pertsch_web80x60 Nanooptics
Prof. Dr. Thomas PERTSCH
Research_Icon_Huang_web80x60 Nanoplasmonics
Dr. Jer-Shing HUANG
Research_Icon_Wondraczek_web80x60 Optical Materials
Research_Icon_Gross_web80x60 Optical System Design
Prof. Dr. Herbert GROSS
Research_Icon_Schubert_web80x60 Organic & Macromolecular Chemistry
Prof. Dr. Ulrich SCHUBERT
Research_Icon_Fritz_web80x60 Organic Thin Films & Surface Science
Prof. Dr. Torsten FRITZ
Research_Icon_Ronning_web60x80 Physics of Nanoscale Solids
Prof. Dr. Carsten RONNING
Research_Icon_Schacher_web80x60 Polymeric Nanostructures
Prof. Dr. Felix SCHACHER
Research_Icon_Peschel_web80x60 Solid State Optics
Prof. Dr. Ulf PESCHEL
Research_Icon_Brauer_web80x60 Structure-Property Relationships in Glasses
Prof. Dr. Delia BRAUER
Research_Icon_Nolte_web80x60 Ultrafast Optics
Prof. Dr. Stefan NOLTE
Research_Icon_Bernhardt_web80x60 Ultraviolet Dual Comb Spectroscopy
Jun. Prof. Dr. Birgitta BERNHARDT