Experimental setup for the generation of THz radiation.


ACP comprises more than 50 professors and independent research group leaders as well as a lean and highly specialized management and executive structure.
Experimental setup for the generation of THz radiation.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
ACP principal scientist group picture at the retreat 2014 in Suhl.
Principal scientists
All ACP principal scientists are independently running a reseach...
ACP/ASP team 2020.
Management and team
ACP's board of directors is supported by an executive office which...
ACP auditorium photonics lecture.
Guest professors
ACP guest professors from all over the world are invited to join...
ACP advisory board meeting 2019.
Advisory board
The board's primary role is to assist the center with the...
Preparation of the sample chamber of the YETI-40 laser laboratory.
Feedback from numerous guest professors and visiting scholars.