YETI-40 laser in operation.


Photonics news and novelties concerning research, education and transfer from the Abbe Center of Photonics' principal scientists and partners.
YETI-40 laser in operation.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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3 Jan 2022 · Light
Max Planck School of Photonics: Hunting Dr. Dark​
The Max Planck School of Photonics wins the Community Prize of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research's...
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Photonics teaching experiment in Artificial Reality.
Image: MPSP, FSU Jena
22 Dec 2021 · Light
Thinnest optical diffuser for new applications
Team of physicists developed novel optical component based on metamaterials of silicon nanoparticles
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Scattering centers (black disks) on the transparent substrate scatter certain colors of light.
Graphic: Dennis Arslan/Universität Jena
14 Dec 2021 · Light
STED microscopy: Maximum information from as many photons as possible
The Microscopy Methodology Work Group at Jena University Hospital received a modular STED microscope for its research.
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The working group Microscopy Methodology led by Prof. Michael Börsch can now use a modular STED microscope.
Image: Heiko Hellmann/UKJ
6 Dec 2021 · Light
Turbo boost for materials research
Researchers train AI to predict new compounds
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Jena physicist Prof. Dr Silvana Botti was part of the research team.
Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)
3 Dec 2021 · Light
Master's programs in Physics and Photoncis ranked top by the national CHE evaluation
New CHE ranking shows Master's Students give the University of Jena Top Marks in Physics, Photonics and Mathematics.
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Die Physik-Masterstudiengänge der Uni Jena gehören zu den bundesweit besten, so das CHE-Ranking.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
18 Nov 2021 · Light
Zwobbel enables innovative laser material processing
Spin-off of the University of Jena receives the Thuringian "ThEx Award" in the category "Founding"
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CEO Dr. Claudia Reinlein (center) at the award ceremony.
Image: Thomas Müller
18 Nov 2021 · Light
Cooperation Across Continents
ACP Principal Scientist Volker Deckert receives Changjiang Scholar Award
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Prof. Dr. Volker Deckert im Labor.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
17 Nov 2021
Election as Vice-President of German Rectors’ Conference
Prof. Walter Rosenthal will be responsible for Research on the Executive Board of the German Rectors’ Conference from 1...
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Prof. Dr Walter Rosenthal.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
5 Nov 2021 · Light
Extremely thin crystals as laser light sources
Laser emission detected at room temperature: Semiconductors made of three atomic layers could form the basis for novel lasers
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2D materials embedded in mirrors can emit laser light at room temperature.
Image: Heiko Knopf / Universität Jena
14 Oct 2021 · Light
Jena Research Team develops new imaing fiber endoskope for tissue diagnostics
Novel probe combines three imaging techniques at once​
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The flexible fiber probe for minimally invasive examinations
Image: Sven Döring/Leibniz-IPHT
5 Oct 2021 · Light
Projekt PhyClus "Photonic & PhysikCluster"
Neuer Computer Cluster eröffnet mit 2688 CPU
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EFRE - Europa für Thüringen
Image: Europäische Union
29 Sep 2021 · Light
Melting glasses from unmeltable compounds
Chemists at the University of Jena developed methods for manufacturing glasses from non-melting compounds
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Vahid Nozari uses a microscope to examine the new synthetic glass made of a MOF material.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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