YETI-40 laser in operation.


YETI-40 laser in operation.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
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2 Jun 2021 · Light · Life
The COVID-19 puzzle
New article published in "THE LANCET - Respiratory Medicine" on mechanisms of COVID-19 disease
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Image: @Image by Gerd Altmann auf Pixabay
1 Jun 2021 · Light
6 million euros for the Quantum Hub Thuringia
Inauguration ceremony of the Quantum Hub Thüringen in 2021. Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler (President of the Technical University...
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Inauguration ceremony of the Quantum Hub Thüringen in 2021. Prof. Kai-Uwe Sattler, Minister Wolfgang Tiefensee, and Prof. Walter Rosenthal.
Image: Fraunhofer IOF
27 May 2021
Code of Conduct: Rules for Digital Teaching
Academy for Teaching Development, Office Digital University and Legal Office publish joint document
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Video conference with tiles of teacher and 12 students
Illustration: Joseph Morica /
11 May 2021 · Light
Tailored metasurfaces: German-Australian IRTG 2675 will start in January 2022
The DFG has just announced to set up the International Research Training Group (IRTG) 2675 "Tailored metasurfaces - generating,...
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Prof. Isabelle Staude, German spokesperson of the new IRTG 2675 "Tailored metasurfaces".
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
23 Feb 2021
Committed to an open and democratic society
University of Jena adopted new mission statement
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Gathering and spreading light is one of the central moral concepts of the university.
Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)
16 Feb 2021 · Light
A sharper look at the interior of semiconductors
A research team is developing a high-resolution imaging technique that can be used to investigate materials in a...
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Prof. Dr Gerhard Paulus, PhD student Felix Wiesner and Dr Silvio Fuchs (from left) in a laser lab.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
7 Jan 2021 · Light
Refined process enables high-strength thin glass
Materials scientist Lothar Wondraczek receives renewed support from the European Research Council
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Jena glass chemists want to further develop a process for thermally hardening very thin glass.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
17 Dec 2020 · Light
Physics breakthrough of the year
International Team is awarded the Breakthrough of the Year 2020 prize by Physics World magazine
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Silvana Botti and Jens Renè Suckert, whose research was awarded Breakthrough of the Year 2020.
Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)
17 Dec 2020 · Light
CRIMSON - Coherent Raman Imaging for the Molecular Study of Diseases
The new European project CRIMSON builds on the participance of three partners from Jena.
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Setup for mass spectroscopy as a referential method for biophotonic imaging based on Coherent Raman Scattering (CRS).
Image: University Hospital jena
8 Dec 2020 · Light
Master’s programme in Photonics on the way to a digital future
DAAD funds digitisation of international study programme at the University of Jena
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Digital teaching, here with Johannes Kretzschmar, will further expand in Photonics.
Image: Sabine Best
30 Nov 2020 · Light
Our MSc Photonics application 2021 is open now - including Master's degree scholarships
Our prestigious Master program does continue online AND on-campus - eligible Bachelor graduates are strongly encouraged to...
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High harmonic generation laboratory in the Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)
29 Nov 2020 · Light
A high-res, low-cost, modular microscope
Young Jena research team develops optical modules for research and training
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The UC2 development team (from left to right) Benedict Diederich, René Lachmann and Barbora Maršíková.
Image: Leibniz-IPHT
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