Jena Alliance Talent Fair 2024

Jena Alliance Talent Fair 2024

The Jena Alliance Talent Fair on 6 March 2024 will offer graduates insight​ into PhD options​ and 1:1 interviews with potential supervisors. Apply now for participation and get one of the open PhD positions!
Jena Alliance Talent Fair 2024
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Published: | By: Maria Langhammer and Christian Helgert.

Looking for a PhD position?

You are at the end of your Master's degree in a natural science subject, such as life sciences, medicine or optics/photonics or have already completed it and don't know where you want to do your doctorate?

Take part in the Jena Alliance Talent Fair 2024, which will take place online on 6 March 2024! The Fair will offer the unique opportunity to meet your future supervisor in an exclusive 1:1 chat and to get to know representatives of the Jena Alliance Graduate Schools. A number of possible PhD projects are already being advertised.

As for PhD options in the area of optics and photonics, you can talk to Jun.-Prof. Mario Chemnitz, Prof. Stephan Fritzsche, Dr. Matthias Kübel, Prof. Thomas Pertsch, Dr. Sina Saravi, and Prof. Matt Zepf - all of them are currently hiring PhD students. 

The registration is open until Februay 16, 2024. 

For more details and registration, see link.

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