ACP's principal scientists enjoy access to a variety of facilities and research equipment located at the affiliated university and non-university institutions.

ACP research building at the Beutenberg Campus

ACP_Bau_Version2013_web400To provide for an improved ACP infrastructure, in 2016 a new research building was built at the Beutenberg Campus, in immediate vicinity to the Institute of Applied Physics of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering and the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology. The building has been funded by the State of Thuringia and the German federal government with more than 24 million Euro. The new location offers 2,600 m² space for functionalized optical, biological and chemical labs, seminar rooms, offices and an auditorium. In particular, the new research site shall evolve into a strategic and integrative platform for interdisciplinary exchange within the main ACP research areas by hosting laboratories for joint research performed by ACP's principal scientists, and enhance the integration of ACP's educational programs into its research program.

Yet, the new ACP building is large enough to host only a fraction of ACP's research groups who have moved into it. Currently, the building ist hosting the groups of ACP principal scientists Bernhardt, Limpert, Rothhardt and Pertsch, as well as parts of the research of the ACP principal scientists Heinemann, Peschel, Popp, Schmitt, Schubert, Spielmann and Tünnermann.

The official address ist ACP, FSU Jena, Albert-Einstein-Str. 6, 07745 Jena.

ACP scientific communication and networking

ACP_auditorium_web400The ACP research building at Beutenberg Campus offers one auditorium (capacity of up to 142 people), two seminar rooms (either for 18 and 42 participants) and a computer pool (24 working stations). These rooms are of the highest standards, technically fully equipped and  can be reserved for optics and photonics communication and networking events such as group seminars, workshops and conferences. To reserve one of these rooms, please contact Mrs. Rebeca Freyberg () or Mrs. Janett Grosser ().

ACP photonics computer pool


The computer pool in the ACP building, newly installed in 2016, is used for PC-based photonics lectures and seminars such as, e.g., computational photonics, optics design, and many others. All 24 PCs are equipped with the following software packages:

Apart from the lectures and seminars, the ACP computer pool is open to all members of the University on working days from 7:45 am until 6 pm. Any student and/or scientist can log in and perform an individual training with these software packages. The login is provided via the regular, personalized university account.

ACP flagship equipment and facilities

Scientists at the Abbe Center of Photonics enjoy access to a large variety of facilities and research equipment located at the affiliated university and non-university institutions. ACP_Polaris_web400These facilities comprise state-of-the-art optical equipment and processing capabilities which are regularly open for visiting scientists to help realize excellent research centered at, but not restricted to the fields of optics and photonics, and which could interface adjacent fields such as general physics, chemistry, biology and physiology. The facilities are run and operated by research scientists at all academic levels as well as by a dedicated and highly-skilled and experienced technical staff. The optics and photonics laboratories offer a wide range of complex setups and characterization methods for studying and exploring optical effects, components, materials and devices, at both the fundamental and application-oriented levels. ACP flagship equipment includes

Photonics library at the Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg

AZB_Bibliothek_web400For many years now the Thuringian University and Federal State Library (ThULB) is hosting a well-equipped library in the upper floor of the Abbe-Zentrum Beutenberg at the Campus Beutenberg. When leaving the ACP research building, this quiet and convenient place can be reached by foot within two minutes. Since 2016, ACP has contributed to enrich this library also with students literature and books on optics and photonics, particularly those books which are strongly recommended for accompanying studies during the first, second and third semester of the M.Sc. Photonics course. The photonics literature includes but is not limited to the state-of-the-art of fundamentals of photonics, quantum optics, optics design, biophotonics, optical engineering and laser physics. Some books are for short-term loan and some for in-library use only. Moreover, the library offers free WiFi, copy services, computer stations and carrel desks for self-studies.