Electron-beam written optical circuits on a 4-inch silicon wafer.

Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro- and Nano-Optics

Electron-beam written optical circuits on a 4-inch silicon wafer.
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Uwe ZEITNER Image: Private

apl. Prof. Dr. Uwe ZEITNER

Email: uwe.zeitner@iof.fraunhofer.de
Phone: +49 3641-8-07403

The main goal of this research work is the creation of the scientific and technological basis to make novel diffractive approaches for a highly flexible fabrication of micro- and nanostructures for optical applications available. The knowledge gained will be used for the consistent development of innovative technological methods for the precise realization of very small optical structures on application-relevant areas. Furthermore, those techniques can be transferred with reasonable investments onto the existing infrastructure of the optical industry.

Research areas

Our research is focused on novel fabrication technologies for optical microstructures with a strong emphasis on the exploitation of their application potential and include:

  • high-resolution lithographic fabrication technologies
  • diffraction-based lithography
  • gratings for high end applications
  • high-precision computer-generated-holograms (CGHs)
  • broadband refractive and diffractive optics
  • mode shaping of semiconductor lasers by intracavity diffractive structures

Teaching fields

  • optical modeling and design
  • micro- and nanostructure technology for optics

Research methods

Our laboratories offer a wide range of methods for the fabrication and characterization of optical micro- and nanostructures. Methods and facilities include:

  • electron beam lithography on large areas
  • optical and grayscale lithography
  • various reactive ion etching (RIE) facilities
  • scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and focused ion-beam (FIB)
  • tactile and optical profilometry
  • optical characterization lab

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