INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Quantum Communication Technologies

Quantum Communication Technologies

The Quantum Communication Technologies group at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF conducts applied research in the field of quantum communication and photonic quantum information processing. Working in close collaboration with partners in academia and industry we aim to bridge the gap between fundamental quantum research and real-world applications. Our research focuses on novel quantum light sources for applications in quantum communication and sensing, efficient processing and detection schemes for high-dimensional quantum information, as well as scalable methods for the transmission of quantum states over long distances. A central goal is to incorporate photonic quantum technologies in robust, field-deployable hardware systems that are suitable for integration in future quantum networks, long-distance atmospheric free-space links, and ultimately satellite-based quantum key distribution sytems.

Polarization-entangled photon source based on spontaneous parametric down-conversion in a nonlinear optical crystal.

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