INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy

Ultrafast Optical Spectroscopy

The Group of UltraFast Optical Spectroscopy (GUFOS) studies the dynamical and nonlinear optical processes occurring in quantum confined systems following interaction with ultrashort (fs) pulses thanks to the development of complex optical setups and experimental methods, such as time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy, photocurrent, photoluminescence and nonlinear microscopy. We combine advanced optics and photonics with state-of-the-art electronics and cryogenic measurements. Current research focuses on gate-tuneable nonlinear optical effects (SHG, THG) in graphene and related 2D materials and on time-resolved optical and opto-electronic spectroscopy of quantum confined systems such as 2D materials, layered heterostructures, CNTs and GRNs.

Image: Ioannis Paradisanos.

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