Quantum imaging and computing lecture in the ACP auditorium in 2021.

qp-tech.edu - Quantum Photonic Technology Education

A federal, intersectoral education project in the emerging photonic quantum technologies coordinated by the Abbe Center of Photonics.
Quantum imaging and computing lecture in the ACP auditorium in 2021.
Image: Jürgen Scheere (University of Jena)

The collaborative project qp-tech.edu was launched in 2022 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). It comprises four German Universities (Erlangen, Jena, Ulm, Paderborn) and the Fraunhofer IOF in Jena. qp-tech.edu pursues the goal of supporting the German photonics industry for the challenges of the second quantum revolution in the area of personnel development at scientific, technical and management level through suitable training and further education. The project will use the following instruments to reach this purpose:

  • Systematic and continuous needs analysis (qp-tech.analytics),
  • Development of new, interdisciplinary training modules (qp-tech.study),
  • Analogue and digital further training for specialists (qp-tech.pro),
  • Intersectoral exchange programs (qp-tech.experience).

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Digital Teaching Platform

On our moodle platformExternal link hosted by the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena you can access material from previously given workshops, watch short lectures on quantum physics and learn about quantum effects that can be seen in a lab. After the free registration, subscribe to the course qp-tech.edu: EventsExternal link and you will gain access to all qp-tech.edu courses.

Further detailed information can be found in the strategy papers of our partners:

slides teaser
Graphic: Jobst Ziebell
Access slides and flyers from previously given workshops.
slide from video lecture
Graphic: Frank Setzpfandt
Watch 10 minutes lectures on the fascinating world of quantum physics and its applications.
quantum experiment teaser
Image: Jobst Ziebell
Learn about measurable quantum effects in short videos describing experimental equipment its setup and data evaluation.


Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Logo
Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung Logo
Image: BMBF

The second quantum revolution is ongoing and will result in novel applications based on the use of quantum phenomena. In order to keep pace with this development,an active response from German industry is vital. In addition to learning the scientific basics, companies recognize the potential of quantum technologies for their own products and markets and derive company-specific strategies. Key scientific players in quantum photonics in Germany and industrial companies are cooperating in qp-tech.edu with the aim of creating the personnel requirements for the implementation of photonic quantum technologies in the German photonics industry.

In the project qp-tech.edu, the Abbe Center of Photonics at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena de is collaborating with the physics, quantum and photonics departments of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-NürnbergExternal link,  the University of PaderbornExternal link, the University of UlmExternal link, and the Fraunhofer Institute of Applied Optics and Precision EngineeringExternal link.

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is funding the qp-tech.edu with 2 million EUR at least until 2024.


Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann
Prof. Dr. Andreas Tünnermann
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Prof. Dr. Andreas TÜNNERMANN

Co-director Abbe Center of Photonics
Email: andreas.tuennermann@uni-jena.de
Phone: +49 3641-9-47800

Image: Private

Prof. Dr. Thomas PERTSCH

Vice spokesperson
Executive program coordinator
Co-director Abbe Center of Photonics
Email: thomas.pertsch@uni-jena.de 
Phone: +49 3641-9-47560

Prof. Sevag Gharibian, University of Paderborn.
Prof. Sevag Gharibian, University of Paderborn.
Image: University of Paderborn

Prof. Dr. Sevag GHARIBIAN

Project leader Uni Paderborn
Quantum Computation

Email: sevag.gharibian@upb.de 
Phone: +49 5251 60-5376
https://en.cs.uni-paderborn.de/qi/team/group/jun-prof-dr-sevag-gharibianExternal link


Prof. Claus Braxmaier, University of Ulm.
Prof. Claus Braxmaier, University of Ulm.
Image: University of Ulm

Prof. Dr. Claus BRAXMAIER

Project leader Uni Ulm
Quantum Sensing

Email: claus.braxmaier@uni-ulm.de
Phone: +49 731 50-26242
www.uni-ulm.de/in/mikro/institut/braxmaierExternal link


Dimitrios Gkiatas
Dimitrios Gkiatas
Image: Privat

Dr. Dimitrios GKIATAS

Quantum Education Communication & Strategy

Email: dimitrios.gkiatas@uni-jena.de
Phone: +49 3641 9-47549

Dr. Robert Kammel.
Dr. Robert Kammel.
Image: Fraunhofer IOF Jena

Dr. Robert KAMMEL

Project leader IOF Jena
Strategy, Communication and Outreach

Email: robert.kammel@uni-jena.de  
Phone:  +49 3641-807-394
www.iof.fraunhofer.de/de/kontaktExternal link 


Lial Khaluf
Lial Khaluf
Image: Lial Khaluf


Email: klial@mail.uni-paderborn.de
Phone: +49 5251 60-1715

Dr. Christian Helgert
Dr. Christian Helgert
Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Dr. Christian HELGERT

CEO Abbe Center of Photonics
Email: christian.helgert@uni-jena.de
Phone:  +49 3641-9-47960

Monika, IFTO Jena.
Monika, IFTO Jena.
Image: Jens Meyer (University of Jena)


Head of Quantum Education Labs 

Email: External linkmonika.monika@uni-jena.dePhone:  +49 3641 9-47549

Dr. Frank Setzpfandt
Dr. Frank Setzpfandt
Image: Private


Project leader Uni Jena
Quantum Optics

Email: f.setzpfandt@uni-jena.de
Phone:  +49 3641-9-47569


Dr. Falko Sojka.
Dr. Falko Sojka.
Image: Private

Dr. Falko SOJKA

Digitalization of Quantum Education
Email:           falko.sojka@uni-jena.de
Phone:         +49 3641 9-47578

Prof. Joachim von Zanthier, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
Prof. Joachim von Zanthier, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
Image: University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

Prof. Dr. Joachim VON ZANTHIER

Project leader Uni Erlangen
Quantum Optics & Quantum Information

Email: joachim.vonzanthier@physik.uni-erlangen.de 
Phone:  +49 9131 85-27603
www.qoqi.nat.fau.deExternal link