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The research group Attosecond Laser Physics has been established at the Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics in June 2013. The group follows new directions in attosecond science and will complement the institute's research in intense laser physics. A particular goal is the upscaling of schemes for the generation of attosecond radiation to higher intensities. The unique laser infrastructure at the Institute of Optics and Quantum Electronics and at the Helmholtz Institute Jena will facilitate this endeavor. Another focus is on the measurement of quantum dynamics in atoms and molecules with high precision and high dispersity. The complex dynamics of photoionization and recombination in strong fields will be the target of these measurements.

Research areas

In his research, Prof. Pfeiffer targets the measurement and control of quantum dynamics on the attosecond time scale. Research interests include:

  • quantum optics with attosecond pulses in strong fields
  • strong field induced multiple ionization
  • coherent valence electron motion in strong fields
  • attosecond pulse generation
  • optical spectroscopy of attosecond dynamics
  • high-harmonic spectroscopy

Teaching fields

Prof. Pfeiffer's teaching encompasses introductory lectures in experimental physics for Bachelor's degree students and advanced courses in modern optics for Master's degree students. He gives courses on:

  • experimental physics (classical mechanics and thermodynamics)
  • experimental physics (electrodynamics and optics)
  • attosecond laser physics

Research methods

The experimental methods target the characterization and manipulation of atoms and molecules on the atto-second time scale. Examples include:

  • XUV spectroscopy
  • momentum imaging
  • pump-probe spectroscopy

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