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Research areas

The central theme of Dr. Paulus's research is strong-field and attosecond laser physics. The Nonlinear Optics group currently works on the following research projects:

  • attosecond pulse generation via relativistic laser surface interaction
  • precision measurement of the absolute phase of few-cycle pulses
  • phase-dependent ionization and dissociation of fundamentally important atomic and molecular systems
  • relativistic ionization dynamics
  • strong-field QED
  • x-ray polarimetry with an extinction ratio of 1010

Teaching fields

  • introductory physics
  • fundamentals of modern optics
  • nonlinear optics
  • strong-field and attosecond laser physics
  • x-ray physics and free-electron lasers
  • renewable energies

Research methods

  • photoelectron spectroscopy
  • momentum spectroscopy
  • XUV spectroscopy
  • polarimetry
  • vortex laser beams

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