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Deutsches Optisches Museum (D.O.M.) currently is undertaking three major projects:

  • fundamentally redesigning the exhibition of the museum including science-center-like interactive stations, historic optical instruments, and results of latest research in optics & photonics,
  • creating the inventory of the 20,000 pieces of the unique collection, including 360° photography and 3D scans,
  • repeating and re-visiting milestones in the development of optics and photonics with original historic equipment, characterizing and comparing antique optics.

The latter enables to understand the development of optics and photonics and may be a starting point for novel concepts in optics & photonics. E.g.: (a) fluorescence microscopy started in 1902, (b) light-sheet microscopy was introduced in 1903, (c) microscope objectives with N.A. of 1.60 were made in 1889, (d) Mach-Zehnder interferometers enabled the characterization of models in wind-channels with field-of-view of up to 90 cm2 in 1944, and (e) resolution targets for microscopy with a pitch of 110 nm were produced in 1873.

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