Prof. Rainer Heintzmann.

Biological Nanoimaging

Prof. Rainer Heintzmann.
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Prof. Dr. Rainer HEINTZMANN

Phone: +49 3641-9-48350

Research areas

We develop techniques to measure multidimensional information in small biological objects such as cells, cellular organelles, molecules or other structures of interest. We seek to unravel how molecules interact in living cells at specific places (e.g. inside organelles) and at well-defined times (e.g. after stimulation with other molecules). To reach this goal, we make use of molecules that can be switched between different fluorescent states by illumination at separate wavelengths. The transitions between the states can be driven into saturation and the arising non-linear dependencies can be used, e.g. by a technique called structured illumination, to reach a theoretically unlimited optical resolution. Specific focus is currently placed on:

  • high-resolution fluorescence microscopy using linear and nonlinear structured illumination
  • fast optical sectioning via polarization illumination
  • coded structured illumination
  • resolution enhancement in scanning microscopy via an image inversion interferometer
  • pointillistic single molecule imaging modes in crowded situations
  • high-resolution light wedge microscopy
  • light sheet based Raman microscopy
  • image processing in microscopy

Teaching fields

Prof. Heintzmann teaches undergraduate courses in physical chemistry and also specialized courses on optics and image processing. Specialized courses currently are:

  • biophotonics
  • image processing in microscopy
  • light microscopy

Research methods

The methods developed in Prof. Heintzmann's laboratories are applied, in collaboration with biologists, to biomedical problems. Available methods are:

  • fast structured illumination microscopy
  • pointillistic microscopy (dSTORM)
  • confocal microscopy
  • optical coherence tomography
  • light wedge microscopy
  • light sheet based Raman microscopy

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