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Research areas

Prof. Gross's research deals with optical systems, their design, modelling, simulation and performance evaluation. In particular, his research interests include:

  • the design of optical systems, methods and modern approaches
  • modelling of coherent and partial coherent light propagation
  • computational methods for illumination
  • optimization methods of optical systems, initial trials and structure of systems
  • performance evaluation of non-symmetrical and free form surface optical systems
  • phase retrieval for metrology, system testing
  • phase imaging, microscopy, image formation with enhanced contrast and resolution
  • calculation of scattering of light in tissue , link to conventional calculation of systems

Teaching fields

Prof. Gross ́s teaching activities aim to provide young developing scientists the practical knowledge to design and simulate optical systems. He gives courses in:

  • technical optics, design and correction of systems
  • aberration theory and microscopy
  • lens design with Zemax

Due to the practical approach of his teaching, he also holds seminars and courses for professionals in the field  of optical design.

Research methods

In Prof. Gross's research group, realistic lens design and simulation techniques are performed with the help of several commercial software packages and using their own tools:

  • Matlab for physical optical simulation development
  • Zemax for classical lens design
  • various special tools such as FRED or VirtualLab

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