Abbe School of Photonics Master students.

Abbe School of Photonics

Abbe School of Photonics Master students.
Image: Christoph Worsch (University of Jena)

As part of our ACP, our integrated Abbe School of Photonics (ASP) offers comprehensive Master's degree and doctoral programs run by ACP members and associated professors. The ASP fellows receive training at an infrastructure of light sources, materials and instrumentation for cutting-edge research unique in several respects. One aspect is the organization and carrying out of workshops, seminars, colloquia, symposiums and lecture series which occurs throughout the entire year.

ASP career development scheme. ASP career development scheme. Graphic: Abbe School of Photonics

Moreover, we conduct a great international guest professor program together with our guest researcher seminar. These not only provide an overview of top-level research, but also cover the broad spectrum of optics and photonics and associated material sciences, presented by internationally renowned speakers. This discipline-specific program is a part of the education curriculum of the Graduate Academy de of the Friedrich Schiller University, and is complemented by international exchange programs and skill workshops. Thus, ASP aims to prepare its Master's degree and doctoral students for their future careers within and outside of academia and for excelling in today's global society.

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Master's degree candidates

  • Master's degree candidates are invited to apply via ASP's Online Application System. Each application will be individually considered by an evaluation committee, and the candidates with the greatest prospective for successful studies at ASP will selected for admission. Moreover, scholarships of up to 860 EUR/month and for up to 24 months are available for the most excellent applicants. For more information, please consider the description of ASP's Master's degree program.

Doctoral students / PhD candidates

Postdoctoral fellows / Marie Sklodowska-Curie individual fellows

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