Prof. Benjamin Dietzek.

Molecular Photonics

Prof. Benjamin Dietzek.
Image: Sven Döring/Leibniz-IPHT.
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Prof. Dr. Benjamin DIETZEK

Phone: +49 3641-2-06332

Research areas

Prof. Dietzek's research in the field of molecular photonics focuses on understanding the relationship between structure, photoinduced dynamics and the function of molecules and molecular materials, including:

  • electron transfer reactions in molecules in solution and in molecule-bulk interfaces
  • photoinduced processes in molecular sensors
  • photophysics underlying molecular photocatalytic water-splitting
  • developing experimental tools to characterize structural and electronic intermediates in (photo) catalytic cycles and the impact of local environment on the photophysics of molecules

Teaching fields

Benjamin Dietzek is actively involved in the education of young developing researchers. His teaching includes classes in:

  • Physical Chemistry
  • Molecular Spectroscopy

Research methods

Prof. Dietzek's group uses a variety of spectroscopic methods to study the photoinduced function-determining processes in molecules and molecular materials:

  • ultrafast time-resolved pump-probe spectroscopy
  • time-resolved luminescence spectroscopy
  • resonance-Raman spectroelectrochemistry
  • time-resolved characterization of molecular chirality
  • ultrafast pump-probe microscopy

link to the Molecular Photonics Group

link to the SFB/Transregio 234 CataLight

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