High harmonic generation experimental setup.


ACP offers various opportunities to join our research teams as an intern, PhD student or staff scientist at any qualification level.
High harmonic generation experimental setup.
Image: Jan-Peter Kasper (University of Jena)
Abbe School of Photonics Master students.
Abbe School of Photonics
The School is our central, ACP-integrated education unit.
PhD work in the MPSP labs in Jena.
Max Planck School of Photonics
The MPSP is annually open for applications until December 1.
Adjustement of the probe pulse at a laser-particle-acceleration experiment.
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Open Photonics Innovation - ACP's Lichtwerkstatt
Lichtwerkstatt Pro - Open Photonics Makerspace
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Scanning nearfield optical microscopy setup.
Funding your research at ACP
For postdocs and staff, there are several ways to get ACP-funded.