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Our research focuses on the exploration of photoinduced processes in quantumconfined semiconductor nanostructures. These structures are of highest interest for numerous applications,e.g. as sensitizers in photocatalysis, as emitters in LEDs or as sensors. Besides the electronic structure, which can be controlled via the dimensions of the nanostructures, the decoration of the surface with molecular species can impact the properties and determine the functionality of the structures, e.g. via offering pathways for charge separation.

In the center of interest of our work is the interaction of semiconductor nanostructures with catalytic active species, e.g. metal nanoparticles or molecular catalytic active species, which can catalyze the reduction of water to form hydrogen. Such hybrid structures can serve as vital part in novel devices for artificial light-driven water-splitting. We investigate the function determining photoinduced charge-separation and recombination processes in such hybrids in dependence on structural parameters by time-resolved spectroscopic techniques to derive structure-dynamics-function relationships, which can be exploited to design systems with improved performance.

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