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Alexander Szameit was a Junior Professor at ACP until 2016, where he established a flourishing research group aimed at the fundamental understanding of the propagation of optical waves in different systems whose structure and material parameter are based on the different macroscopic manifestations of carbon. After an incredibly successful junior professorship rich of innovations, high-impact publications, distinctions and awards, Alexander Szameit was appointed as a full (W3) professor at the University of Rostock.

There, being Chair for Experimental Solid-State Optics, Alexander Szameit is head of a group exploring the fundamental theoretical and experimental understanding of wave-physical phenomena in periodic and functionalized media. The basis of their investigations is the evolution of classical optical wave packets and entangled single photons in three-dimensional systems of coupled waveguides, which were inscribed in optical glass chips using ultrashort laser pulses - a technique adapted from the work done in Jena. The research directions of the Szameit group include, among others, the emulation of solid-state phenomena in optical systems, the emulation of relativistic physics, topological photonics, and integrated quantum optics.

>> link to the Szameit group in Rostock

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