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The publication of articles in scientific journals is the main channel through which any scientific community spreads its scientific results and findings. Publications serve to generate public awareness and are likewise a performance indicator for both scientific excellence and visibility inside and outside academia. Since 2010 and among others, ACP scientists have published their work several times in the following journals:

  • ACP_publications_pic3x Science,
  • 5x Nature,
  • 17x Nature Photonics,
  • 5x Nature Physics,
  • 6x Nature Materials,
  • 41x other Nature journals,
  • 32x Nano Letters,
  • 20x Advanced Materials,
  • >140 Physical Review Letters.

Optics and photonics publications by ACP principal scientists according to ISI Web of Science, since January 2010. The numbers take into account the peer-review publications in optics, photonics and related fields for all ACP members since the start of their affiliation with the University of Jena.