Jena's OSA and SPIE student chapters at the UC2 Hackathon in 2019.

Photonics software bootcamp 2021 - by students, for students

The Faculty of Physics and Astronomy and ACP are happy to support a students' initiative to organize a photonics software bootcamp, planned for February/March 2021.
Jena's OSA and SPIE student chapters at the UC2 Hackathon in 2019.
Image: OSA and SPIE student chapters Jena.
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Published: 30 July 2020, 10:37 | By: Cristina Amaya Mendez and Christian Helgert

In order to successfully pass the highly research-oriented Master's program in photonics, in-depth knowledge of the use of professional science software, such as typesetting programs, programming languages ​​or visualization tools for creating complex graphics and diagrams, is mandatory. The background to this is that special applications - from model verification, data evaluation and presentation of results to writing scientific research work - have become established both in scientific research and in business practice. The knowledge in dealing with the corresponding programs and software applications is partly already with the beginning of the Master’s degree is required, especially as part of the practical laboratory courses and later for writing the internship reports or final thesis. Especially for freshmen students with heterogeneous previous knowledge, individual training in these subject areas - in addition to the actual professional work - can become a big challenge.

The demand for courses and workshops is therefore high. At the same time, there are several compentent and highly engaged Master's degree and doctoral students in Physics and Photonics who have professionalized themselves early on in the field of science software and would like to take responsibility for themselves as tutors. Rooted in the SPIE and OSA students' chapters in Jena, the initative of a Photonics Boot Camp in early 2021 was born. As part of this student initiative, the aim is to conduct a five-day, workshop-based block event introducing the use of important tools for scientific work. The handling of software applications essential for the course is taught.

This initiative is supported b the Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, Prof. Christian Spielmann, and the Abbe Center of Photonics, and awarded an internal grant.

OSA Student Chapter Jena
SPIE Student Chapter

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