Dr. Jisha Chandroth Pannian at her desk.

Honour for Ph.D. Jisha Chandroth Pannian

Designation as an Optica Senior Member
Dr. Jisha Chandroth Pannian at her desk.
Image: Ira Winkler (University Jena)
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The scientist from the Ultrafast Optics group has been designated as an Optica (formerly OSA) Senior Member. Optica is an international organization for promotion of optics and photonics with a mission to unite and educate scientists, engineers, educators, and other professionals globally.

This award is given to members, with more than ten years of significant professional experience, for their outstanding professional achievements and for their engagement with Optica and the optics and photonics community. The selection is made by the Optica Board of Directors after being nominated for this honour by two Optica members.

Dr. Chandroth Pannian has been with us since 2018 and works in the field of spin-orbit photonics and is the recipient of Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions individual fellowship funded under Horizon 2020 of European Commission. Her work revolves around designing novel integrated optical devices based on geometric phase. Specifically, she demonstrated a gradient-in-refractive-index-free waveguide based on the Pancharatnam Berry phase.

From 07- 08th November 2022, she, alongside Prof. Stefan Nolte and Dr. Alessandro Alberucci, will host a workshop on Structured light and its applications where several leaders of the field will present their work and the state of the art in their respective fields.