Consortium of the breakthrough research project on intelligent materials in Jena, funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation.

Carl Zeiss Foundation supports ACP breakthrough research in intelligent materials with 4.5 million EUR

An interdisciplinary project team around ACP scientist Lothar Wondraczek is researching programmable materials that can be used to switch interfaces between organic and inorganic or animate and inanimate matter. The aim is to achieve breakthroughs in the field of intelligent materials with adaptable surface properties.
Consortium of the breakthrough research project on intelligent materials in Jena, funded by the ...
Image: Carl Zeiss Foundation
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Published: 2 March 2020, 14:54 | By: Christian Helgert

Interactions between different materials or animate and inanimate matter are of fundamental importance in all areas of materials science research. Intelligent materials, with the help of which such interactions can be controlled and programmed, offer one of the most interesting challenges in the field that material chemists, physicists and life scientists from the University of Jena are facing in a joint research network. The aim is to develop new materials that react to combinations of different stimuli with significant changes in properties. Nowadays, for instance, wound dressings that can release healing agents by irradiation with light are to become available. Such a wound dressing becomes intelligent by making drug release dependent on an additional stimulus. This may be an inflammatory reaction that the wound dressing recognizes independently. The team of ACP researchers, lead by ACP principal scientist Lothar Wondraczek, will deal with such and similar questions in a wide variety of application scenarios.

The Carl Zeiss Foundation is supporting the research project within their funding program "Durchbr├╝che" from 2020 and until 2025 with 4.5 million EUR.

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