Dr. Mattingley-Scott.

ACP keynote lecture on quantum computing

ACP is proud to welcome Dr. Mark Mattingley-Scott from IBM Quantum as a short-term visitor.  In his keynote lecture he will discuss what makes Quantum special and what the implications of this technology might be.​
Dr. Mattingley-Scott.
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Published: 27 October 2020, 14:16 | By: Falk Eilenberger and Christian Helgert

ACP is proud to welcome Dr. Mark Mattingley-Scott as a short-term visitor in November 2020. He as a short-term has a Bachelor of Science with Joint Honours in Computing and Electronics, and a Doctor of Philosophy on Code Division Multiple Access Local Area Networks from the University of Durham,combined with 34 years’ experience in innovation and research.

As a Principal at IBM he is specialised in the identification, nurturing and development of technological innovation, with a primary focus on Big Data Analytics, Neuromorphic Computing and Quantum Computing. He has developed several new business areas and transferred these into IBM’s services and solutions business. He is an active member of IBM’s worldwide patent assessment team, and the IBM Student Admissions and Supervision program. Since its inception in 2017, he has been a leading member of IBM’s Quantum Ambassador team, responsible for raising awareness of Quantum Computing and developing business opportunities throughout EMEA.

Dr. Mattingley-Scott currently teaches human & machine learning at the Institute for Cognitive Science at the University of Osnabrück. He was a member of staff at the University of Frankfurt where he taught Cognitive Science and Media Anthropology, at the University of Applied Sciences in Mannheim where he taught Intercultural Management and IT Management and the Ludwig-Maximilian’s University in Munich where he taught Analytical Methods. He is a director of the Frankfurt Institute for New Media and a senior member of the IEEE, having founded the German chapter of the Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society, and chair of the IEEE Public Policy Committee subgroup on Quantum Computing. He is the Chairman of the Big Data work group at BITKOM, the German IT and Telecomm. Industry Association.

Lecture Announcement: Quantum Computing

Tuesday, November 10, 2020. 2:00 pm
ACP Lecture Hall, Albert-Einstein-Str.
6, 07745 Jena*
To obtain the password, please contact acp@uni-jena.de

Abstract: Quantum Computing - a technology with its roots in the revolution in physics in the early 20th century, came of age in 1994 when Peter Shor discovered a way to solve a hard algebraic problem easily - since then we have observed astounding growth in the power of quantum computers and in the development of algorithms. IBM launched the Quantum Experience in 2016, and the IBM Q Network in 2017, and this year announced an ambitious roadmap to achieve over 1000 qubits within 3 years. In my talk I will discuss what makes Quantum special and what the implications of this technology might be.

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