Setup for quantum imaging with undetected photonics.

Quantum-Enhanced Imaging

Setup for quantum imaging with undetected photonics.
Image: Fraunhofer IOF
Dr. Markus Gräfe Dr. Markus Gräfe Image: Anne Günther (University of Jena)

Dr. Markus GRÄFE

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Phone: +49 3641-807-361


Dr. Markus Gräfe is a junior group leader at the Institute of Applied Physics and at the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Optics and Precision Engineering IOF in Jena.

link to the introduction of the Gräfe research group at Fraunhofer IOF

Research Areas

Photonics is one of the main enablers for quantum technology. In this context non-classical states of light, in particular photon pairs, allow novel concepts for imaging and sensing beyond classical limitations. Moreover, as quantum information carriers, photons are the essential building block for photonic quantum simulation and computing. Dr. Gräfe’s research focusses on entanglement, correlation, and interferometer based quantum imaging techniques as well as on integrated quantum photonics including quantum walks of photon pairs and their non-classical correlations. His research topics include:

  • Quantum imaging and sensing with undetected photons
  • Microscopy with non-classical states of light
  • Photon-pair and multi-photon source development
  • Quantum walks of correlated photon pairs and multiphoton states
  • Entropy sources and quantum random number generation

Teaching fields

Dr. Gräfe currently teaches the following Master courses at the Friedrich-Schiller University Jena:

  • Quantum imaging and sensing
  • Integrated quantum photonics

Research methods

The following methods and equipment are harnessed in the group:

  • Photon pair sources based on spontaneous parametric down conversion
  • Non-linear interferometers for induced coherence
  • Contiuous-wave and pulsed laser systems at various wavelengths
  • Single photon detectors and correlation electronics
  • Linear and non-linear waveguide characterization
  • Entangled two-photon absorption
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