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For many years, Richard Kowarschik was the director of the former Institute of Applied Optics at the Friedrich Schiller University. Prof. Kowarschik retired after a distinguished career in teaching, student advising and research in 2016. During 2017 and 2018, he still remains in official service as a professor emeritus, regularly providing help and advice to the optics and photonics academic and industrial community in Jena.

The primary research interests of Richard Kowarschik as chair of coherent optics at the Institute of Applied Optics were the physics of the interaction of optical wave fields with media and boundary surfaces and cover optical measuring techniques, optical information storage and processing, and diffractive optical elements. His work with regard to optical measuring techniques had, following a long tradition, a strongly application-oriented character. It included optical methods for the measurement of 3D surface profiles and deformations (structured light, digital holography, holographic interferometry), wavefront sensing and adaptive optics, the analysis of laser modes, and microscopy with interferometric techniques, optical information storage and processing include the investigation of real-time storage materials (photorefractive crystals, photo polymers) and light-induced processes (wave mixing, spatial solitons) within these materials. A third research field of Richard Kowarschik concerned the synthesis, analysis and transformation of laser modes and the laser beam forming by means of diffractive optical elements (DOEs).

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