Dr. Ernst-Bernhard Kley

E.-Bernhard Kley was the head of the Microoptics and Micostructure Technology Group at the Institute of Applied Physics for more than two decades. He has spent his whole scientific life at the Beutenberg Campus and retired after a distinguished career in student suprevision and research in 2017, accounting more than 300 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals, 61 patents and the supervision of more than 300 theses. Still, he is a frequent guest at the institute, where his competence, enormous creativity and advice is always highly appreciated.

The Kley research group concentrated fundamentally on function and design of micro- and nano-optical elements as well as applications and technology developments for microstructuring. Among many others, the following research priorities have been edited: 

Since 2018, the research group Microstructure Technology is headed by ACP principal scientist Uwe Zeitner.

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>> link to the Laudatio at the retirement of Bernhard Kley (in German)