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Nanotechnologies are making their way into our daily lives, e.g. in medical diagnostics and novel solar cells. Many aspects of light-matter interaction and energy exchange on a true nanoscale remain beyond our comprehension and theoretical work is often limited by computational demands. Hence, intriguing fundamental and technological questions arise from the optical response of large-scale, nanostructured devices.

The Junior Research Group on Theoretical Nanophotonics investigates optical properties of nanostructured systems from the nanometer to the device scale. Low symmetries, amorphous nanoparticle distributions and naturally rough interfaces and their linear and nonlinear optical response are investigated as an integral part of complex multilayers. Hereby, we develop analytic and numeric frameworks with a focus on semi-classical theories introducing advanced material and interaction models while maintaining the low computational cost of classical electrodynamics. Our research aims at an integrated, multiscale approach to photonic devices with hybrid, functionalized interfaces. Addressing these challenges will yield improved analytic and numerical schemes able to maintain the reliable and rapid methods of computational nanophotonics while extending its scope towards multiphysics aspects.


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