Prof. Birgitta Bernhardt-Schultze

The research group for ultraviolet dual comb spectroscopy led by the former Junioer Professor Birgitta Bernhardt-Schultze was funded by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, and had been established at the Abbe Center of Photonics in 2017. The group was devoted to absorption spectroscopy in the (extreme) ultraviolet (XUV) region with ultrahigh spectral resolution. Dual comb spectroscopy is an innovative form of traditional Fourier transform spectroscopy (FTS). The combination of two short pulse lasers with slightly different repetition rates abandons a moving mirror, so far being the characteristic but also limiting component of FTS as the most abundant technique for broadband high-resolution spectroscopy. In this way, one million times shorter measurement times with simultaneously unprecedented spectral resolution become possible. Due to the versatility of the method, a variety of dual comb spectrometers have been realized recently in the THz, visible and infrared spectral region. In Jena, the Bernhardt-Schultze group was working on the world's first dual comb spectrometer in the (X)UV between 4 and 60 eV via high harmonic generation.

In 2019, Birgitta Bernhardt-Schultze was appointed as an associate professor at the Technical University Graz in Austria where she is now building her own research group. We are glad about this achievement as it demonstrates once again that ACP's junior scientists are highly internationally competitive.