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Prof. Hartmut Bartelt had been working at the Leibniz Institute of Photonic Technology (IPHT) for 23 years and became a Professor Emeritus in 2017. The former research of his fiber optics group was focused on the propagation properties of fiber-guided light as well as its efficient and flexible control. Fiber modules and systems for a broad range of applications were being researched as well. Hartmut Bartelt's research focus combined the scientific skills in the modeling, characterization, and application of fiber-optical components and systems with know-how in materials and technology required for the manufacture of optical specialty fibers used in a wide parameter range. The most important applications made under his guidance were material processing using novel light sources as well as fiber-optical measurement and sensor technology. In particular, fiber-optical solutions delivered an important bridging function to topics in life and environmental sciences by biological and chemical sensor technology as well as in process measurement technology. The succeeding fiber sensors group at the Leibniz Institute in Jena is now headed by ACP principal scientist Prof. Markus Schmidt.

>> link to the press release on the vitae of Hartmut Bartelt issued by the Leibniz IPHT

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