INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Physics Highlights 2015 - new German record at Jena’s light games

Physics Highlights 2015 - new German record at Jena’s light games


The science festival "Highlights of Physics" with special focus on optics and photonics, which took place in Jena on September, 22 to 26, has achieved a record number of more than 53,000 visitors and was thus by far the most successful of the hitherto 15 highlights festivals of this type in Germany. These visitors were not only interested in Jena and the surrounding area. Numerous school classes from all over Germany had come to inform themselves or to take part in the competitions.

The local organizer Prof. Gerhard Paulus, ACP principal scientist and Dean of the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy, attributed the unique success of Jena's "Light Games" primarily to two factors: Firstly, Jena's population is traditionally highly interested in science topics. Secondly, enabled by the generous support of travel expenses by the Carl Zeiss Foundation, more than 2,000 students from all over Germany have come to Jena. Not only the light exhibition itself was an attractor for visitors, but also the lectures, the children's shows, the Einstein-slam and the great highlights show with Ranga Yogeshwar were filled to the last seat. The organizers - the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the German Physical Society (DPG), the Friedrich Schiller University Jena - and many partners and supporters enjoyed the unusual success of the "City of Light", Jena. 

The center of the festival was an interactive exhibition in a tent city. In addition to the major exhibition there were more than 20 presentations, numerous science shows for children and adults, several daily workshops, many hands-on experiments and as always the more days of school competition "exciting physics". The Austrian artist Uta Peyrer presented in this series their work together with the Nobel Prize winner Prof. Stefan Hell. The 15th edition of the "Highlights of Physics" ended on September, 26 evening with a lecture by Prof. Harald Lesch and the baton will be passed to a representative of the University of Ulm for 2016. The Festival changes from one year to the venue and theme. Jena was the 15th station of the "Highlights of Physics". Previous stages were Munich (2001), Duisburg (2002), Dresden (2003), Stuttgart (2004), Berlin (2005), Bremen (2006), Frankfurt am Main (2007), Halle an der Saale (2008), Cologne ( 2009), Augsburg (2010), Rostock (2011), Göttingen (2012), Wuppertal (2013), Saarbrücken (2014).


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