INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - New CRC 1375 "NOA - Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales"

New CRC 1375 "NOA - Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales"

On 23 May 2019, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has announced that the new Collaborative Research Center (CRC/SFB) 1375 "Nonlinear Optics down to Atomic scales (NOA)" will be installed at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena starting from 1 July 2019. The grant and installment of NOA is a great establishment for our University and all ACP scientists who have tremendously contributed to reach this goal.

NOA will focus on exploring fundamental nonlinear processes of light matter interaction in low-dimen­sional nanostructures, such as atomically thin layers, nanoparticles and -wires, nanostructured surfaces and molecular assemblies. We will explore quantum phenomena as light-induced tunneling of electrons through metallic nanogaps and field-driven carrier acceleration in plasmonic nanostructures, atomic lattices and 2D-materials. This includes the investigation of the resulting back-action on the electromagnetic field, causing the generation of higher harmonics carrying valuable information about the electronic wavefunctions involved in the interaction.

To reach these goals, the CRC builds on pre-established collaborations between theoretical and experi­mental physicists and chemists - thus bringing together nanooptics, ultrafast spectroscopy and nanofabrica­tion to explore scientific cases from multiple, previously separate perspectives. The NOA research program will comprise the design and fabrication of optical probes using the latest nanotechnology and imaging tools. In parallel, advanced theoretical methods and simulation techniques such as real-time, real-space, time‑dependent density functional theory or Discontinuous Galerkin Methods will be advanced. These will model the nonlinear dynamics of interacting electrons and light fields with atomic resolution.

Currently, NOA is offering more than 20 doctoral (PhD) research positions to start as soon as possible! Please follow the links below for further information.

>> link to the press release of the DFG
>> link to the press release of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena
>> link to the call for PhD positions

>> link to the official NOA website

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