INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Jürgen Popp elected as new ACP executive director

Jürgen Popp elected as new ACP executive director

ACP executive director Prof. Jürgen Popp.

On 1 June 2017, Christian Spielmann has regularly resigned his position as the executive director of the Abbe Center of Photonics after one year. The ACP community wishes to thank Christian for his commitment and dedicated work as director during the last term.

According to the statute of the ACP, the executive director is annually elected by the board of directors. Now, with the unanimous election of Jürgen Popp, he will fill this position for one year, with Thomas Pertsch being the new deputy director. Along with this election, all ACP directors confirmed that the center will continue to take its management decisions and responsibilities as a joint task with the respective duties and obligations shared by the whole board.

News from: 17.07.2018
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