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On January 20 at 6:15 pm, Professor Stephan Fritzsche will present his inaugural lecture titled "Elektrodynamik in starken Feldern" at the auditorium of the university's main building.

The goal of the scientific work of Prof. Fritzsche's group is to investigate the structure, properties and the dynamical behaviour of few- and multi-electron ions with emphasis on strong Coulomb and radiation fields as well as relativistic collision energies. With the aim to better understand relativistic, many-body and quantum electrodynamical (QED) effects under - more or less - extreme conditions, current research thrusts include correlated many-electron dynamics in strong fields, relativistic photon-matter interaction in intense laser fields, the atomic structure of atoms, ions and associated fundamental symmetries as well as supercritical fields in ultra-relativistic or slow ion-ion collissions.

ACP principal scientist Prof. Stephan Fritzsche is head of the Theoretical Atomic Physics Group at the Helmholtz Institute Jena and holds an affiliation with the Theoretisch Physikalisches Institut (TPI).

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