INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - ERC president Bourguignon pays on-site visit to the labs of ERC grant holders Tünnermann and Limpert

ERC president Bourguignon pays on-site visit to the labs of ERC grant holders Tünnermann and Limpert

On 5 November 2018, Prof. Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, President of the European Research Council (ERC) , personally visited the labs of several ERC grant holders in Jena and at the Beutenberg, and particularly those of our ERC Advanced and Consolidator Grant holders, ACP PIs Andreas Tünnermann and Jens Limpert. The visit was followed by a round table discussion with university representatives and heads of the directors of different interdisciplinary research institutions at the Beutenberg campus. Accordingly, the topics discussed were centered around the two respective ERC Grant projects, "Multi-dimensional interferometric amplification of ultrashort laser pulses - MIMAS" and "Advanced Coherent Ultrafast Laser Pulse Stacking (ACOPS)". ERC grants are highly prestigious and are awarded through open competition to projects headed by young and established top researchers who are working in Europe - the sole criterion for selection is scientific excellence.

The delegation around Prof. Bourguignon further discussed the Europe-wide promotion and networking of cutting-edge research on a round table. Bourguignon was impressed by Jena's research landscape, in particular by the close integration of the university with non-university research institutes and regional high-tech companies. University President Prof. Rosenthal emphasized that the application activities for ERC programs will be further intensified. The recent success in the German Excellence Initiative with the granted Excellence Cluster "Balance of the Microverse" offers a new stepstone for progress.

2018-11_ Besuch ERC President

2018-11_ Besuch ERC President group photo
Top: Prof. Tünnermann (left) and Prof. Bourguignon (right). Bottom: FSU Vice President Prof. Heinzel (left), FSU President Prof. Rosenthal (2nd on the left), Annelie Zapfe (center) and Prof. Tünnermann (3rd on the right). [Photos: Walter Oppel, Fraunhofer IOF]

News from: 13.11.2018
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