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The Thuringian Ministry for Education, Science and Culture (TMBWK) has announced that ACP will be funded with up to € 3.9 Mio within the second phase of the ProExcellence program. Based on peer reviews by international experts in the field of optics and photonics, the ministry has selected the center's strategic roadmap "ACP2020 - Agenda for Excellent Photonics" as one out of five projects funded from 2014 until 2019. In total, 21 project proposals from Thuringian universities have been considered and competetively reviewed. With the ProExcellence program, the federal state government supports scientific centers and strategies of national interest and with an extraordinary potential in the academic areas of research, innovation and education.

Strongly coupled light in mesoscopic systems will be one of ACP's key research topics within the next years.

With its roadmap, Jena's primary academic center for optics and photonics has formulated and substantiated its vision to establish itself as a leading European center for research and education in optics and photonics and to foster the development and transfer of photonic technologies. A pivotal element of this vision is the strengthening of the already existing interdisciplinary cooperations between ACP's key research areas Ultra Optics, Strong Field Physics and Biophotonics, including medicine and material sciences. One the one hand, ACP scientists will tackle fundamental research questions in the realm of "Strongly coupled light in mesoscopic structures", including e.g. the investigation of coherently coupled bosonic quasiparticles and quantum-optical effects under conditions of strongly localized light. On the other hand, the future research thrust of "Medical photonics" will address photonic instrumentation in clinics, opening up a plethora of opportunities and applications in cooperation with the life sciences. The scientific projects in "ACP2020 - Agenda for Excellent Photonics" are complemented by an adequate support of excellent early-career scientists, gender equality, research infrastructure and science management to ensure ACP's sustainable and internationally competitive development.

>> link to the official press release by the TMBWK

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