INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - ACP welcomes Prof. Michael Börsch as new member

ACP welcomes Prof. Michael Börsch as new member

The community of ACP scientists welcomes Prof. Michael Börsch as a new member and principal scientist of the center. He became Professor of Microscopy Methods and head of the Single-Molecule Microscopy Group at the University Hospital Jena in 2011. In his research Prof. Börsch studies the mechanisms of single proteins (membrane transporters, motors and receptors) like FoF1-ATP synthases, P-type ATPases, and ABC transporters. Confocal single-molecule Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) approaches with multiple pulsed lasers covering wavelengths of 400-900 nm are used and developed. Further, the group analyzes conformational protein dynamics in vitro by hidden Markov models with sub-nanometer and sub-millisecond resolution. Nanomanipulation with optical feedback in microfluidics is applied for extended observation times of single molecules. Imaging single molecules in living cells has started using specific labeling tools. Superlocalization is achieved with a PALM-STORM-SIM microscope at 20-100 nm resolution. Prof. Börsch currently offers one Ph.D. position.

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News from: 28.03.2014
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