INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - ACP guest professor Theo Lasser (EPF Lausanne)

ACP guest professor Theo Lasser (EPF Lausanne)

LASSER_Theo_largeProf. Theo Lasser studied physics at the Fridericiana University in Karlsruhe, where he graduated in 1978. In 1979, he joined the Franco-German Research Institute in Saint-Louis (France) as a scientific collaborator. In 1986, he joined Carl Zeiss' research division in Oberkochen (Germany), where he mainly developed various laser systems for medical applications. In 1990, he headed the laser laboratory of the medical division. Later in 1993, he became director of the ophthalmology laser unit. From the beginning of 1995, he was responsible for restructuring and consolidating the many ophthalmic activities at Carl Zeiss and transferring them to Jena. During this period, he created new refractive instruments, biomicroscopes and retinal cameras. Starting from 1998, he directed Carl Zeiss' research in Jena, where he initiated new projects in microscopy, microtechnology and medical research. At the same year, Theo Lasser was appointed Full Professor of Biomedical Optics at the Institute of Applied Optics at EPFL. Within the Department of Microtechnology, his research activity focuses on biomedical photonics. He participates in the teaching of optics and biomedical instrumentation.
News from: 06.05.2018
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