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ACP/ASP guest professor Rich Mildren.

ACP and ASP are proud and happy to welcome Prof. Richard Mildren from the Macquarie University Sydney as an ACP/ASP guest professor. Prof. Mildren will stay in Jena starting from August 2018 and probably until the end of the year. He is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow 2010-2014 and a Professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Macquarie. His research is in the development of novel and versatile photonic sources, instrumentation and applications. His PhD and early postdoctoral research was in the plasma kinetics of high power metal vapour lasers. He has studied ultrafast lasers at the National Research Council in Pisa, Italy. For 3 years (2005-2008), Rich Mildren led R&D for a University spin-off company in wavelength-switchable medical lasers, during which time he brought several medical laser products through to the stage of medical device regulatory approval. His most recent focus, conducted in the MQ Photonics Research Centre, is in the nonlinear optical phenomena in advanced optical materials including in synthetic diamond. Latest research results and news can be found on the Diamond Laser Group website.

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