INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - 3Dsensation wins Twenty20 competition

3Dsensation wins Twenty20 competition

The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research has announced the ten winners of the program "Twenty20 - Partnership for Innovation". The consortium "3Dsensation", headed by ACP scientist Prof. Dr. Andreas T√ľnnermann, is among the winners. Currently 20 research institutes participate in the consortium which collaborates with over 40 companies.

3Dsensation will receive federal funding of approximately 45 million Euros for research collaborations on 3D image capturing, processing, and visualization. Thuringia's Minister Matthias Machnig said: "This is a great success for Thuringia: the winners show the high innovation ability of our research institutes and companies".

In 3Dsensation science and industry collaborate to increase the potential of 3D imaging technologies in the cutting-edge areas of information, production, mobility and security. The consortium targets the interdisciplinary combination of competencies in optics/photonics, IT/software engineering, and electronics with competencies in design, neuroscience, cognitive science, and ergonomics.

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News from: 17.07.2013
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