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Funding your research at ACP

Generally, individuals interested in research staff or research exchange positions at the Abbe Center of Photonics may contact any of the ACP principal scientist. Moreover, ACP offers strong help in supporting your application in any of the numerous German funding schemes.

BMBF_German_research_landscapeThe German research landscape

German inventions have changed people's lives. At the same time, research and development are what keep a successful economy going. The German research landscape is one of the richest and most manifold in the world. Germany is home to several research infrastructures of global significance in physics, photonics, earth science, climate research and the humanities. The following links show who is behind this: universities and research institutes, Federal and state institutions and companies committed to research.

>> enjoy discovering the German research landscape!

>> download of the brochure "The German Research Landscape"

BMBF_Funding_your_researchYour individual photonics project at ACP - get support from the German funding bodies

In 2018, the German Federal Ministry of Education and Resarch has issued a great brochure with an overview of all relevant funding programs. It contains selection of funding programs for German and foreign academics run by the most important research funding institutions. The target groups are international students, graduates, post-docs and academics interested in a research stay in Germany.

>> link to the overview on funding programs in Germany

>> download of the brochure "Funding your research in Germany"

And last but not least

  • ACP is always looking for excellent postdocs in all its various fields of research. We are seeking to develop collaborative funding proposals with experienced researchers (researchers at the deadline for the proposal submission will be in possession of a PhD degree or will have at least four years of full-time equivalent research experience) for submission under the EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships program, within any of our research areas. Further details:
    • Proposals are open to researchers of all nationalities (EU and non-EU).
    • The duration of the Individual Fellowships is between 12 and 24 months.
    • The common salary will be 4.900 €/month (gross). For researchers with family obligations (married, or in a relationship status equivalent to marriage, or having children) a 500 €/month allowance is added to the gross salary.
    • An application must be developed jointly by the researcher and the supervisor. The project proposals are submitted by the host organization, which is represented by the supervisor, in liaison with the researcher.
    • Additionally, the applicants can submit their proposals to one of the two multidisciplinary panels: Career Restart Panel (CAR) and Reintegration Panel (RI). The CAR panel provides financial support to individual researchers who want to resume research in Europe after a career break, while the RI panel is dedicated to researchers who want to return to Europe to reintegrate in a longer term research position.
    • Alternatively, Global Fellowships are composed of an outgoing phase during which the researcher spends 1 to 2 years on secondment to a partner organisation in a Third Country, plus a mandatory 12-month return period to a host organization located in a EU Member State or Associated Country.
    • Please visit the official website from the European Comission for more information on the EU Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellowships program.

  • Moreover, excellent postdocts who wish to perform a research stay at ACP is offered strong support to aqcuire a respective fellowship from any of the numerous and highly attractive funding schemes in the German science landscape. Some selected funding schemes are:
  • In any case, our experts will identify the right scheme fitting to your individual career plan. Please submit an expression of Interest (CV, publication list, brief description of your research and ACP host you wish to join) via email to if you are interested in a specific program.