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ACP is organizing an thrilling and inspiring program throughout the whole year, including international conferences and workshops, keynote lectures and research group seminars. Upcoming events are listed below. Allmost all events are open to the public, and you can reach them as follows:

  • The auditorium and the two seminar rooms of the Abbe Center of Photonics are located in the foyer area in the ground floor of the building, Campus Beutenberg, Albert-Einstein-Straße 6, 07745 Jena.
  • The meeting rooms 106, 207 and 306 are located in the upper floors of the Abbe Center of Photonics according to the first digit of their number. External guests should take the public staircase from the foyer area and ring the bell at the individual doors to the meeting areas or call the secretary's office from the phones at the building's entrances (dial 47561).
  • The Carl Zeiss seminar room of the Fraunhofer Institute Jena is located at Campus Beutenberg, Albert-Einstein-Straße 7, 07745 Jena.
  • The seminar room of the Institute of Applied Physics is located at the yellow part of the institute building in the first floor, Campus Beutenberg, Albert-Einstein-Straße 15, 07745 Jena.
  • For further information, please contact Ms. Janett Grosser (, +49 3641 947961).

As for the digital world, the ACP Event tool can generate an iCal-compatible calendar file, which can be imported into about every calendar program and will be automatically updated. To be always up to date concerning all ACP events, feel free to import the following link into your calendar program:

Workshop by ACP and the LICHTWERKSTATT Jena
"UC2-Workathon – Build your own light-sheet Microscope"

Public workshop and challenge
16.05.2019 03:00pm
ACP, Lichtwerkstatt, Albert-Einstein-Str. 6, 07745 Jena

Am 16. Mai gibt es den nächsten Workathon und deine Ideen sind gefragt! Zusammen mit dir und dem modularen optischen Baukastensystem UC2 wollen wir das erste portable Lichtschicht-Mikroskop, basierend auf Raspberry Pi/ESP32 und 3D Druck erschaffen.

Kreative Köpfe sind gefragt: Ob mit Expertise im Bereich 3D Druck, Bio-Hacking oder Software-Engineering - mit deiner Hilfe werden wir das Projekt realisieren!
Anmeldeschluss ist der 3. Mai 2019 und die Zahl der Teilnehmenden ist auf 30 begrenzt. Der Workathon wird bilingual, auf deutsch und englisch, durchgeführt.
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