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Lecture by Prof. Rich Mildren (Macquarie University, Sydney Australia)
"Two-photon induced ejection of carbon from diamond surfaces - a novel all-optical process for atom removal and nano-structuring"

ACP/ASP guest professor lecture
23.10.2018 10:00am
Fraunhofer IOF, Carl-Zeiss-Saal, Albert-Einstein-Str. 7, 07745 Jena

As first observed by the Konov group at the Prokhorov Institute (Moscow), exposure of diamond surfaces to ultraviolet light leads to carbon atom ejection from the surface. This is a cold non-ablative process showing 2-photon dependence that provides a novel method for rapid surface nano-patterning and machining, including the ability to removing single or partial atom layers.
This lecture compares and contrasts this curious and poorly understood phenomenon against our knowledge of laser ablation, nonlinear photo-dissociation and photo-selective surface desorption. Characterization of the polarization dependence of etched patterns provides evidence for bond-selective scission and ejection of carbon species from the surface which has fundamental significance for atom-scale surface manipulation of diamond as well as possibly other covalently bonded materials.
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