Prof. Carsten Rockstuhl

Carsten Rockstuhl was Junior Professor and head of the Theoretical Nanooptics Group at the Center for Innovation Competence ultra optics and at the Institute of Condensed Matter Theory and Solid State Optics until December 2013. Moreover, he served as the local coordinator for the Erasmus Mundus Master Degree Program "OpSciTech - Optics in Science and Technology". During eight years of intense research and teaching activities in Jena, the former ACP member authored more than 150 peer-reviewed publications in nanooptics and contributed with several seminal papers to establish this research field sustainably in Jena. Carsten Rockstuhl's work is and was distinguished by close interactions with a large number of experimental and theoretical groups that work in the same and adjacent scientific areas.

In 2014, Carsten Rockstuhl was appointed as full professor of Theoretical Solid State Physics at the Institute of Theoretical Solid State Physics (TFP) at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). With his newly founded group in Karlsruhe and still strong bonds to the ACP Jena, he continuous to explore the possibilities to control the properties of light by means ofmicro- and nanostructured materials. His scientific findings contribute to the basic understanding of light-matter interaction and to enabling applications previously inaccessible. Prof. Rockstuhl's Theoretical Photonics Group relies on a large variety of different numerical and theoretical tools and mainly focuses on the subjects plasmonics, optical nanoantennas, metamaterials, photon management in solar cells, nonlinear and quantum optics.