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A research team including the ACP scientists Jürgen Popp, Benjamin Dietzek, Jens Limpert and Andreas Tünnermann is awarded with the prize for applied research ("Thüringer Forschungspreis 2012") which is endowed with 17,500 €. In close cooperation with their colleagues, the Jena scientists have explored a novel multi-contrast imaging approach, which holds the key to a powerful clinical diagnosis without the use of dyes. The quality of the new technique has been proven particularly when diseases such as atherosclerosis, larynx and colorectal cancer had to be analyzed.

"In order to achieve this excellent technology and by a constant feedback on the medical requirements and technological capabilities, physicists, engineers, and physicians have worked closely together from the very beginning of the project," explained ACP co-director Jürgen Popp. "Thus a combination between a microscope and a laser source was developed, which is well-suited for clinical use, because for the first time multiple contrast imaging with an excellent image quality can be performed outside of a laser laboratory and by non-trained staff." Since the new method was designed in a way that it can be readily introduced into clinical practice without high costs or a major training effort for the staff, many people affected from these diseases can benefit from the multi-contrast imaging approach.

The prize will be awarded at 1:30 p.m. on 8 February 2013 in the assembly hall of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universität.

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