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The German Research Society (DFG) recently confirmed that the International Research Training Group (IRTG) 2101 "Guided light, tightly packed: novel concepts, components and applications" will be installed, staffed and funded with an overall sum of EUR 4 million within a first funding period of 4.5 years starting from September 1, 2015. The IRTG will provide excellent academic training for talented young scientists in a high impact research program driven by a transatlantic network of one German and three Canadian partners, each of them renowned for its complementary research profile.

The research program of the IRTG focusses on optical waveguides and related technologies to confine and control light in ultra-compact devices, which will allow generating, manipulating, and sensing light with unmatched precision and efficiency. Forefront fundamental research is focused on novel fiber structures, precision laser structuring, and photonic materials with tailored properties. Based on the developed fundamental concepts and technologies for the dense integration of photonic elements with comprehensive functionality the IRTG investigates their exploitation for the realization of novel telecommunication devices, biomedical sensors, integrated quantum systems, and laser sources, as well as production technologies, and green technologies.

Following a recent call for PhD positions, the recruitment of the most talented young researchers for the IRTG is already ongoing. A joint workshop with all partners is foreseen for the end of October 2015 in Canada.

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>> further details on the IRTG on the ASP website

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