INSTITUTE OF APPLIED PHYSICS - Local Metamaterials Conference Wrap-Up

Local Metamaterials Conference Wrap-Up

The ability to tailor the propagation characteristics of electromagnetic radiation at a wide range of frequencies by photonic nanomaterials has sparked research efforts all around the globe and tremendous activities have been put in place to eventually fabricate the artificial materials necessary to implement the envisioned applications. With the desire to spread the latest results on how to describe theoretically, how to fabricate, how to characterize nanostructured materials, and how to turn them into useful applications to an audience from an interested industry as well as from passionate academia joined the International Conference on Metamaterials at 3-4 July 2012 in Jena. The joint identification of future research directions was a central topic at this intense and exciting event, which was attended by more than 100 participants from all over the world. The exchange of ideas with international experts and the promotion of their own work was a primary target of numerous attendants from the ACP. The organizing committee concluded that, as an essential outcome of the conference, possible paths on how to transfer the fundamental insights that have been obtained in past research to industrial exploitations have been elucidated.

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ACP scientists and their colleagues at the International Conference on Metamaterials and Dissemination Workshop 2012 in Jena.


News from: 11.07.2012
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