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On July 1, 6:15 - 7:30 pm, Professor Thomas Stöhlker presents his inaugural lecture titled "Die faszinierende Welt starker Felder: Experimente mit hochgeladenen Ionen" at the auditorium of the university's main building.

The scientific work of Prof. Stöhlker adresses the exploration of the particle dynamics in the realm of strong and critical Coulomb and photon fields with particle emphasis on Quantum Electrodynamics. Highly charged ions and strong laser fields and their combination are particularly well suited but require the development of dedicated diagnostics and instrumentation. As examples, within his experimental campaigns various x-ray detection systems such as 2D/3D position-sensitive and energy dispersive detectors, crystal spectrometers, x-ray CCDs, novel x-ray polarimeters, and micro-calorimeters are getting developed and used as well as ion sources, storage rings, and traps to study ions in intense laser light.

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