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On November 10 at 6:15 pm, ACP principal scientist Prof. Stefanie Gräfe will present her inaugural lecture titled "Filmen" einer chemischen Reaktion: Wie bewegen sich Elektronen und Kerne im Molekül?" at the auditorium of the university's main building.

The scientific work of Stefanie Gräfe's group examines structural, electronic and spectroscopic properties of atoms, molecules, surfaces and other quantum systems with the help of quantum chemical methods. Strong emphasis lies on the theoretical description and modeling of processes involving the interaction of weak and intense ultrashort laser pulses with molecular systems. Concerning weak-laser - matter interaction, Stefanie Gräfe focuses her attention to the simulation of electronic and energy transfer processes of light-harvesting or other excitonic systems.

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ACP principal scientist Prof. Stefanie Gräfe is head of the Theoretical Chemistry Group at the Institute of Physical Chemistry (IPC).

For strong-field processes, the group examines the interaction of intense, ultrashort laser pulses with atoms and molecules leading to ultrafast internal, ionization and fragmentation dynamics of these systems.

The Theoretical Chemistry Group is located at the Institute of Physical Chemistry.

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